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She promptly punches him in the nose and then sulks alone in the playground.

Fast-forward to the present day, and Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) is an FBI Special Agent.

As soon as I was in my apartment I did what any conscientious dater would do and Googled the crap out of him.

Harvard Business School, CFO of multi-million dollar company. Then I saw it in one of his bios “X is married to X, his wife of nearly 30 years, and has three children.” I immediately though, “Maybe they are divorced, maybe he’s widowed” before snapping out of it and knowing he’s just a liar looking for a one night stand.

She steps in and beats up the bully to help the victim, a boy she likes.

But instead of being grateful, he feels humiliated at being rescued “by a girl,” and gets angry at her.

Soon afterwards, the bureau learns that there has been a bomb threat against the 75th annual Miss United States beauty pageant in San Antonio, Texas, which the bureau determines came from the notorious domestic terrorist known as “The Citizen”.

Gracie’s partner, Special Agent Eric Matthews (Benjamin Bratt), is chosen to lead the mission to prevent the attack.

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LA Podfest had ended and I was feeling cheerful after a fantastic happy hour in Beverly Hills.

Just like the shiny black SUV, the offers started rolling in as he got closer on the couch. This is a lot of game if all he wants is a one night stand.

He wanted to fly me to NYC next weekend and take me shopping. I felt like I was in 50 Shades of Grey without the red room. Let me be the fat Anastasia and him the black Christian Grey. We finished our drinks and he invited me to watch his cousin in a stand up show but I declined.

Despite Eric’s position as a lead agent in charge, it is apparent that Gracie is the more capable agent, as Eric is unsure of how to proceed and takes credit for Gracie’s suggestions.

One of Gracie’s suggestions is to put an agent undercover at the pageant.

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